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Becky’s Progressive Maternity Session



I first met Becky when I photographed her and her family at the NCR Trail in July of 2012. It was at that session when I met her husband and two boys. We stayed in touch through Facebook, and fast forward to May of 2013, when Becky contacted me about doing a progressive maternity session for her. She had always thought about doing one and decided it was time. We spent the next nine months with Becky visiting the studio, usually on a Monday morning, sometimes with her boys in tow, sometimes by herself, but always full of ideas and energy.

I think this is a great thing for women to do. Having children is a life changing event and to have a record of the growth is incredible. This was Becky’s third child and she was still mesmerized to see the changes she went through form month one to month nine. The emotional connection with your child is impossible to understand, unless you’ve had a child. Being able to look back on these photos after all her boys are grown will be pricelss.

Becky visited the studio almost every month so we could add another photo to the final image. Each time she would bring the same outfits, we would use the same lighting, the same posing, and although that may sounds boring, it created an awesome final image that she will cherish forever. In addition to the progressive photo, we also took some maternity photos during her last session before her third son was born. At the top is the composite image of her pregnancy. Below are a couple favorites from the final session before her son was born!







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