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Family Fashion Friday #1 – Casual Comfort

Last week we shared our top tips for dressing your family for a portrait. Starting this week, we’ll be posting our favorites from the Artemas Photography Polyvore account every Friday. We’re going to talk about what we like about each collection and why it works. Each collection this week has a casual comfort theme for spring and summer portrait inspiration. It’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed while being photographed, especially in the warmer seasons.

This collection is perfect for spring or summer with the festive green and pops of coral. It’s casual so every family member will be comfortable. The mother’s shirt and daughter’s dress add an interesting texture of what will frame the top and lower portion of photographs. The dress has a subtle pattern that doesn’t clash with the plaid shorts.

Spring Family Portrati

Pink and orange are perfect for a summer family portrait. In this collection, both the dress and skirt create texture just from the way the fabric hangs. The jewelry and headband are colorful accessories. The pattern of the daughter’s top is large, but not overstated. The bright white balances the boldness of the stripes on the son’s shirt. The solid colors of the parents attire work well to not conflict with the patterns.

Spring/Summer Family Portrait - Pink/Orange

It’s important to find the balance between femininity and masculinity when the family is predominantly boys. Blues are always a safe choice. The mother’s dress has a basic pattern but is dressed up with a statement necklace. The boys and men shirt are basic, varying in blues, but not clashing. It’s simple, comfortable and interesting.

Spring/Summer Family Portrait

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