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How I Lit Some Walnuts With My iPhone.



It’s a simple photo, some walnuts on a hardwood floor. I woke up around 1:30 in the morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep so I started to think about something to keep me busy. I decided to do some light painting. I looked around the kitchen for something with some texture. I saw the walnuts and decided to use those. The next step was a location and I decided the floor would work so I arranged the walnuts on the floor. For a background, I propped a piece of black cardboard behind the walnuts. I didn’t have a tripod so I set my camera on the floor, turned on the lights to get focus, and turned all the lights back off. Then I set my camera at f/8, 30 seconds, and ISO 200. Using the two second timer, so I wouldn’t move the camera at the start of the exposure, I opened the shutter and started painting the walnuts with light from my iPhone. Below you can see what happened when I accidentally turned my phone toward the camera. In the above photo, I made sure to keep the screen of my phone away from the lens. At the bottom, you can see the set up for the photo. Again, once everything was set, I turned off all the lights and shot in darkness. A simple shot but it was fun to do and helped me pass the time until I fell asleep again!





  • James Sutton - That is a sweet photo. Thanks for sharing

  • James Sutton - That is a sweet photo!

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