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The Importance of the Printed Photograph.


As a photographer, I spend a lot of time reading about “digital images” versus “printed photographs.” I understand we live in a digital age and everyone has thousands of photos on their phones and computers. It’s easy to take the pictures, store them in the cloud, and share them with friends and family. We all do it, and I think it’s amazing technology has advanced to where it is.

However, I still believe in the value of printed photographs. They are more than just pieces of paper with images on them. They are records of our past. Our great grandparents, our sisters, our brothers, our best friends. They are memories which should be printed and displayed in our homes. They should be passed down through the generations.
The photo you see here is me holding a framed print of my grandparents on their wedding day. This portrait was taken in 1940. Thirty four years before I was born. To be able to see my grandparents at this time in their lives, with my relatives surrounding them, is amazing to me. They were 20 years old, with their entire life ahead of them. Today, they are no longer with us, but I can still look at this photo, as well as countless others, and remember the impact they made on my life.
Printed photos don’t outgrow technology. Hard drives fail, CDs degrade over time, computers are changing every day and digital image quality does not last forever. It’s important to actually print some of those memories and use them to decorate your home. They give us a sense of belonging, a sense of where we came from, a sense of our place in this world.
It’s also important to understand the difference in quality between professional prints and those you can purchase at the corner store. The top portrait photographers understand how to preserve your family portraits taken now so that they stay in the family for the next 100 years.
Once your portrait session is complete, I process your photographs using a professional monitor which is calibrated to match the colors produced at my lab. This ensures every print that is sent to the lab returns looking exactly as it should. These are giclée prints and are archival quality.
They are printed on the finest photographic papers which maintain accurate color and are scratch resistant. This photographic preservation is what allows the portrait to a last a lifetime.
I am also proud to offer the option of Hahnemüle Fine Art papers. This company has been making paper since 1584. They are the world’s leading producer of papers for fine art ink jet printing. All prints are delivered mounted and ready to frame.  I only provide my clients with quality prints that I would hang in my own home.
Photographers will continue to take digital images but please take time to print some of those photos. They are a record of you and your family. And in 100 years, who knows what technology will have advanced to. Will our hard drives of images even be relevant? Or will they be sitting on a shelf next to the eight tracks and VHS tapes?
As you gaze at the printed photographs that have been in your family for decades, think about the stories they hold which you can share with your children. These are  people you have never met, people who you have heard stories about around the dinner table, and people with whom you and your children share a resemblance. These photos are part of your legacy. The legacy you will leave behind for your children and grandchildren.

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