Artemas Photography
For Photographers


JANUARY 11-13, 2019

Northern Baltimore County - exact location to be determined

$800 per person - 50% due to secure your spot and the remainder due December 1, 2018

This workshop is a weekend-long intensive on lighting, portraiture, and post production. The main focus will be studying, and putting into practice, lighting techniques to improve our photography. Once we have a better understanding of light, both artificial and natural, we're 90% of the way to a finished image. We'll cover posing, connecting with our subject, and why post production doesn't have to take forever if we've mastered our posing and light.

We will all stay together in an Airbnb in Northern Baltimore County to maximize our time together. Everyone will meet at noon on Friday, January 11th for lunch, introductions, and an overview of what we'll be covering. Following lunch, we'll jump right into lighting and spend the day discussing natural light, artificial light, and how to work with each one. We'll cover the basic studio light set ups, such as Rembrandt, broad lighting, split lighting, and so on. How can we use these to flatter our subject or add to the story we are telling? We'll break for dinner and continue lighting talk into the evening.

Saturday the 12th will start with breakfast at 8:00 AM and we'll begin hands on work at 9:00. There will be a professional hair and makeup artist, as well as models on hand. Throughout the day we'll work through different lighting assignments to get our eyes to see light and focus on controlling it. Participants will switch between natural light set ups and artificial light. Everyone will be able to bring their flashes, strobes, or any other lighting gear they wish. I will have plenty of lighting gear available for use as well and we'll discuss different modifiers and how to use them. We will have breaks for lunch and dinner, but will continue creating images throughout the day and will go as late into the evening as you like.

Sunday the 13th will be breakfast at 8:00 and then we'll jump into post production. Everyone will have a chance to work on a few of their favorite images from Saturday. If we've done our job on lighting and posing, our images should be looking great coming right out of the camera. We'll cover techniques on skin smoothing, dodging and burning, black and white conversions, and other post production techniques to really "finish" our images. Participants should bring a laptop with Photoshop installed and have a mouse or Wacom tablet with them depending on what you usually use. We will work until 1:00 PM, at which time the workshop will conclude. Sign up to join us for a weekend of photography, learning, food, laughs, and let's make some new friends while we're at it!