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Glamour Photography Baltimore Maryland Portrait Photographer

This portrait of a woman wearing her wedding ring, was taken in my studio in Monkton, Maryland. She was taking part in a glamour shoot and had spent the day having her hair and makeup professionally done for the portrait session. This session was done to help empower women and show them how beautiful they are. The point was to not photoshop them but to demonstrate how the proper lighting and posing makes a huge difference in having portraits done. This image was taken using a Canon 1Ds Mark III, and a Profoto D1 Air 500 with a 4x6 soft box used to fill in shadows. It is a mix of natural light and studio light. Portrait photography is my favorite type of photography to do because I love capturing the emotion of people when they are in front of the camera. There were four other women who joined us that day and they spent the day drinking champagne, listening to music, and having their portraits made.

Location: Monkton, Maryland.

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