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Hunt Valley Children Portrait Photographer Maryland

I think capturing portraits of children as they grow into their teen years is extremely important. It's that time in between childhood and the beginning of adulthood, which isn't too far around the corner. I had photographed Brandon with his brother and mom, and it was pretty awesome to make a portrait of him alone. This portrait was taken in my photography studio using a Canon 5D Mark III with an 85mm f/1.2 lens. I used Profoto D1 Airs to light the image. The black seamless backdrop is pretty much my favorite thing to use in the studio, even though I'll occasionally go with a white backdrop. I believe family portraits are so important to keep a record of those who we spend our lives with. They help us remember a certain moment in time and can bring back the feelings that were with us when we were going through that period of life. I'm always thankful when parents trust me to create portraits of their kids.

Location: Sparks Glencoe, Maryland.

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